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There are hundreds of reasons why any number of people from various walks of life may find themselves in urgent need of cash they do not currently have on hand. Many people have found the solution to their temporary financial crisis's with the help of Cash 4 Checks. Cash 4 Checks is a check cashing company with several locations to serve the financial needs of Americans nationwide by offering payday advances. Cash 4 Checks and their parent organization, Faas Enterprises Inc., are both in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and their payday advances are issued for up to $300, which is inclusive of the fee associated with the payday advance processing service.

Payday advances offer those who are currently employed and receive a consistent income the opportunity to access the funds they need, for whatever unexpected reason, before their next paycheck is issued. These loans are based upon an agreement to repay the funds received and the reasonable 15% of the advanced amount upon receipt of their next paycheck. Cash 4 Checks has helped many people with their short term financial needs and there are never any additional charges, such as set up fees, which are common amongst many other check cashing organizations.

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There are numerous life events and circumstances that might lead to one's need for fast delivery of short term financial assistance. Automotive repairs are often unexpected and need to be properly attended to quickly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of the vehicle, the driver, any passengers and other motorists and pedestrians. Those who use the vehicle to commute to and from their place of employment or to perform their business functions will also have the additional need to have any necessary repairs done quickly to decrease the impact that their being without their vehicle will have on their ability to get to and from work. A rental car may be necessary in cases of extensive and time consuming automotive repairs that are recognized as defects in the performance of the vehicle, and most repairs necessary due to damages that may have occurred as a result of an accident that did not involve any personal injury. Aside from planning the family vacation, the money required to pay for a rental car is not typically planned or accommodated for in one's budget, and many people today have no savings from which to rely upon.

If you visit and complete the effortless application process you will typically know if your application is approved and receive a tentative agreement within about 30 seconds. Having the cash deposited directly into your bank account and available for immediate withdrawal is as simple as submitting the required proof of income, identity and residence, signing the agreement and returning it to Cash 4 Checks. All online submissions are governed by advanced online security (current SSL) and extremely strict policies, procedures and staff training to always protect the confidentiality of all of their customer's information, both personal and financial.

One of the most commonly unannounced and urgent financial needs presents itself through personal and family health problems. The cost of the general health care needs of the average American population is, unfortunately, not well funded by most health insurance companies and many Americans are uninsured due to their inability to afford the increasing costs of health insurance. Acute health care needs that must be addressed quickly and should not or simply cannot be procrastinated can result in an immediate need to provide payment in order to receive the required medical treatment. Cash 4 Checks helps their customers Cash 4 Checks bridges the gap between paychecks by providing the cash they need immediately. Consumers can then attend to the payment of unexpected medical bills, and they are provided with the money they and their families need fast to help expedite a return to good health. Access to fast cash also helps them to prevent any related medical problems that may arise from lack of immediate treatment.

In addition to satisfying the unexpected need for money to quickly tend to automotive repairs and medical treatment, Cash 4 Checks provides cash advances, also known as payday loans, for any other short term financial need. These payday cash advances are based upon customers completing the quick approval process, the subsequent submission of some basic required information, such as a copy of their most recent bank statement and a form of identification, and the submission of the uncomplicated and straightforward agreement with their signature. The entire process, from beginning to end, can be done online at, and your cash will typically be deposited directly into your bank account within just 24 hours. Alternatively, one could choose to visit any one of the 12 conveniently located Cash 4 Checks offices throughout the state of California, provide the required documentation in person and can generally leave the Cash 4 Checks office with their money in hand in less than an hour! Finally, the company can be contacted at their toll-free telephone number at: 877-702-7000, and you may also e-mail the company by visiting their contact page and submitting an e-mail query via electronic submission.