Fast Bucks

For customers that are in need of a payday loan company that concentrates only on payday loans, then FastBucks is a good option. While many other financial companies are out trying to extend their influence and make waves in other areas of the financial market, FastBucks is dedicated only to providing the best payday loan service that they can. They have a simple business plan that has been working for the last five years. That plan is to make sure that their customers can get things done quickly and without incident online. With more and more people doing the bulk of their business online, this is an important step for any financial corporation that wants to remain viable.

One of the interesting things about FastBucks is that they allow customers a little bit of choice. For those people who like doing things on the Internet, there is always the option of applying and qualifying for a loan through that medium. For people who are not quite as familiar with the Internet, they offer alternatives. You can find out a lot about the company and their operating procedures at their website, There, customers can go through the entire payday loan application process and find out more about the requirements. For customers that just don't want to use the Internet, the company can be reached by telephone at (877) 329-1604. By calling that number, customers can talk to one of the company's skilled agents and find out the closest location.

FastBucks Ratings

2.0 Service
1.9 cost
2.8 timing
2.0 use again

What are some of the things that customers need to know about the payday loan application process with FastBucks? First, it is important to remember that this company is very wary of customers who don't have the ability to pay off their loans. That is true for many of these online payday loan operators, but FastBucks seems to be one of the strictest out there. For instance, customers are not just going to be able to log on to the website and have their money in a couple of minutes. They have to have not only the ability, but also the willingness to share some important information before they can get any money. Among the things that customers have to show are identification, proof of at least $1,200 worth of income each month, proof of a steady job, and proof of at least three months at a current residence. All these factors are important for the company as they seek to protect themselves against customers who cannot repay their loans. As long as customers meet all these basic conditions and have plenty of forms of identification, they should be able to apply and qualify for a payday loan through FastBucks.

Fastbucks realizes that as a payday loan company, they are going to be targeting a market full of customers that probably does not have the best credit history. After all, not too many people with stellar credit are out looking for payday loans. This is one of the most important factors about the company. Though they do have some requirements before customers can get their hands on cash, the company is mostly a "take all comers" type of establishment. They make it very easy for people to get the money that they need if an emergency situation arises. Customers will want to know that the company does do some checks on their finances, though.

FastBucks does not have a standard credit check with the 3 major credit bureaus. They occasionally use Telecheck to protect themselves from potential fraud as well as to verify a borrower's information. Telecheck is a consumer reporting agency which collects information from public records, banks, credit card companies, and other lending institutions. If customers have some strikes against them in the banking world, then it might be very difficult to get money through FastBucks.

One of the things that sets FastBucks apart from some of the other companies is that they will get their money to customers very quickly. While some payday loan lenders will make customers wait quite a few days before they get their money, FastBucks is true to their name. Once a customer is qualified and sends in all the necessary information, they will have money in their checking account the next day. This is extremely important for those customers that need to pay a bill quickly or pay for some emergency in a hurry.

All in all, FastBucks is a very reputable payday loan lender. In a market where that is somewhat rare, it is nice to see that some companies still stick to their guns. Their dedication to service and to doing things the right way is something that has made them a favorite of customers for the last few years and promises to push them forward as they expand their customer base in the near future.