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Cash Central's payday loans are offered and provided as a short-term solution to a temporary financial need and are not intended to solve long-term financial issues. Credit counselors would better serve those seeking long-term financial assistance. However, for those with no cash immediately available and suddenly faced with the urgent need to satisfy a particular or multiple payments, Cash Central can help by providing a payday loan. Essentially, Cash Central's payday loans simply consist of a rapid application and approval process, super fast electronic deposit of your payday loan amount directly into your bank account, followed by an electronic withdrawal of the loan amount and small loan processing fee on the date that your next paycheck is due.

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The laws that govern the legality of loan processing fees in individual states vary from state to state as do the legal loan processing fees. Not all payday loans advertised in print and online meet the legal requirements of the states in which they do business. However, Cash Central was amongst the first in the online check advance industry to back their offers with state licenses and certifications. This has earned them a highly regarded reputation in the industry and paved the way for Cash Central to become a trustworthy and ethical source of assistance to those in need of a payday loan. As a state licensed lending institution, Cash Central offers competitive rates, 100% legal compliance, and optimized security of their customer's privacy and all the information regarding their payday loan transactions.

Regardless of economic, business, and personal status, millions of Americans have found themselves, at one time or another, in need of the money due to them in their next paycheck before the next payday arrives. The reasons for needing the money sooner are typically unexpected and vary in cause. Cash Central is a multiple state licensed payday loan processor that can provide you with the cash due from your next paycheck, up to 18 days before it is issued to you.

State licenses and certifications quickly differentiate legitimate and compliant lenders from those who falsely advertise and present themselves as financial lending institutions, when in reality they are not a lending institution at all - or perhaps just not complying with all the laws of all the states where they do business. These types of companies typically charge higher fees, have poor business practices, and below average ethics standards. They also frequently sell the consumer loan applications they receive to whichever lender will pay the most for the application, without the consumer ever being informed that their personal and financial information would be viewed by any other entity other than where they submitted their application. If you should find yourself in need of a payday loan, it is best to avoid applying for a loan with a company that cannot provide you with physical documentation of their registration status in your state, as well as their own.

In addition to maintaining and complying with the license requirements and adhering to all regulations set forth within for multiple states, Cash Central offers a variety of ways for consumers to communicate with their experienced and proficient staff. Each payday loan applicant is entitled to the personal attention they need and deserve during their loan application process, and Cash Central makes it easy for each customer to communicate with their staff using their preferred method of communication whether by telephone, email, fax, online chat, or the traditional postal service. This outstanding combination of business practices has earned Cash Central a respectable position in terms of customer satisfaction with the Better Business Bureau. Cash Central's parent organization, Direct Financial Solutions, is a highly regarded and accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Cash Central's commitment to personal service, a simplified electronic application process with notification of approval or denial available in less than a minute, 100% legal compliance, and delivery of payday loan funds within 24 hours is the result of 25 years of experience as a short-term loan facilitator. Their processes and procedures are tried and true, and their many customers are very satisfied.

Extensive information regarding payday loans, all Cash Central contact information, and the quick and simple payday loan application can be found at Those whose payday loan applications are accepted by Cash Central are U.S. citizens that are at least 18 years old and have been steadily employed for a minimum of 3 months. Additional requirements include a monthly net salary of $1000 or more, a personal checking account, and valid home and work telephone numbers.