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Cash America provides specialty loans to residents of the United States. Cash America focuses their lending on pawn loans but offers other types of services, including short-term loans, and check cashing.

Pawn loans are not commonly known, so it is important to obtain all the facts before securing one. These loans tend to be small and are generally are secured by collateral from the customer. The collateral helps to distinguish high and low-risk borrowers. Typically, a pawn loan will range from $50 to $200. This is not the limit, however, and loans can be secured for several thousand dollars. The higher the loan requested, the more value the collateral must have.

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Cash America offers a pawn loan for 30 days. This is the most common length for a loan. At the end of this time, payment is expected in full. An extension may be requested if the loan cannot be repaid. There is also the option of surrendering the collateral for payment. The pawn loan is easy to secure. Once the application process is complete, simply provide the collateral. The value of the item will be assessed, and the loan will be approved within minutes.

Cash America bases the loan amount on the value of the collateral provided. The more the item or items are worth, the higher the loan amount. The collateral provided will undergo an appraisal to determine its current worth. This helps Cash America determine how much the item can be sold for. Pawn loans differ from the commonly known pawnshops. When you secure a pawn loan, you still own the collateral for the length of the loan. At the end of the term, if the loan is repaid, you will receive the collateral in return. Since the amount of the loan is based on the value of the item being surrendered, many people opt to use jewelry as collateral. Diamonds and gold have high resale prices, thus allowing Cash America to offer a higher loan amount to the customer. Keep in mind that all collateral is kept safe and secure during the course of the loan. All Cash America stores are fully insured for the value of all items.

If you choose to use jewelry as collateral, the item will be assessed and appraised for its value. All precious metals and gemstones are tested to determine worth. The amount of appraisal is based on the current market price at the time the loan is being secured. Prices will differ depending on the metal composition. For example, the offered price for 24K gold will be much higher than that of 10 or 14K gold. The collateral you choose to surrender should comply with the amount you wish to borrow. It may be best to bring more than one piece of collateral when finalizing the loan. This will ensure you will get the amount of loan money you need.

When an item is brought in for appraisal, the amount of worth determined is based on pre-owned prices. It does not matter if the item is brand new. The amount quoted will be a used price. This is an important piece of information to remember when choosing what to use for collateral. This method is used because the shop must determine at what price the item can be sold. Appraisals are done by qualified and trained professionals to ensure each customer will get the highest appraisal value on the market.

There are many Cash America stores throughout the United States. To determine where a shop is located, look at the company website at The corporate office is located in Fort Worth, Texas and can be reached at (817) 335-1100, or by sending an email to

It is important for customers to feel safe and secure when obtaining a pawn loan. Cash America Pawn shops are audited routinely. The Internal Audit and Security Department performs these audits to assure that the company is operating honestly and is providing a safe service to the customers. All employees of Cash America are trained professionals. The company strives to provide the best financial service available.

Obtaining a loan from Cash America is a fast and easy process. Customers visit a store with the collateral in hand. The appraisal is done onsite, and a value is given within minutes. Any item can be used as collateral, including electronics, jewelry, video games, and in some states, firearms. Once the appraisal value is quoted, the customer must show a valid photo ID. The loan is then drawn up, and the money is given to the customer. On average, the entire loan process takes about 10 minutes. The greatest advantage of obtaining a pawn loan is that there is no need for any kind of credit check. Many people who are in need of cash do not have a very good credit report. This service allows them the opportunity to obtain a loan without the fear and worry of rejection. Cash America is the largest pawn loan company in the country. Their services continue to be among the best, providing customers with a safe and easy way to obtain a cash loan.