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ThinkCash is a lending institution that stands in stark contrast to payday lenders that charge excessive interest rates to their customers. This company offers a range of loan amounts from $250 to $2,500 to applicants who are looking to pay bills between paychecks. ThinkCash has a $1,500 limit on first-time borrowers but ensures that each loan is offered in a responsible manner. Instead of relying on small loans from a payday lender, borrowers at ThinkCash can ease their financial concerns without worrying about predatory rates.

The ThinkCash loan application is very simple and requires no time spent in a stuffy bank or office. Every borrower can start by entering his name, email, and state of residence to get started toward the right loan amount. ThinkCash's staff will review more detailed information including income and current debt load to determine a loan for an applicant's needs. The speedy response to online applications by ThinkCash experts allows busy professionals to take care of money issues without wasting time in line. As the economy tightens and lending gets more difficult for the average professional, ThinkCash will continue to offer loans to people without great credit. ThinkCash can handle borrowers with various degrees of credit problems due to its relationship with FDIC member First Bank of Delaware.

ThinkCash Ratings

3.5 Service
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The interest rates applied to ThinkCash loans are significantly lower than similar loans offered by payday lenders. ThinkCash offers rates that are between 25% and 75% lower than payday loans to keep customers from going deeper into debt. Professionals who apply for loans under $1,000 will find that their rates are $1 per day per $100 until balances are paid completely. Higher loans feature rates of $0.24 per day per $100 due to the higher risk taken by ThinkCash.

While ThinkCash's rates are lower than payday loans, many borrowers may be concerned with paying off monthly minimums while juggling other bills. ThinkCash solves this problem with flexible payment options that are tied into a borrower's real world financial concerns. Each loan payment is timed to coincide with a borrower's paycheck to avoid irresponsible lending and spending each month. Most ThinkCash loans can be paid off for less than $100 per payment biweekly or monthly. Borrowers that have moved past their financial problems can pay off loans earlier than expected without penalties.

ThinkCash is able to sustain its flexible approach to lending with a high volume of borrowers throughout the United States. The lender rewards its borrowers for their loyalty by offering a $25 referral bonus. Every borrower who is referred to ThinkCash and receives a loan means $25 in the referring borrower's bank account. ThinkCash sets no limit on the number of referrals that a borrower can complete which means that an active advocate for the lender can make some serious money without much effort.

The ThinkCash website features an article entitled "12 Steps Out of Debt" that helps borrowers get on the path to financial security. ThinkCash recommends that borrowers start on this path by educating themselves on the various expenses they have each month. This article suggests learning the distinction between net and gross income and keeping a record of every expense for a month. Borrowers can also learn how to cut down on household costs, change attitudes toward credit cards and take advantage of free government services after reading this article. "12 Steps Out of Debt" also highlights the importance of multiple income streams to avoid future financial problems. The key points from "12 Steps Out of Debt" involve paying bills on time and boosting credit scores to reduce interest rates.

Newcomers to the ThinkCash website may be skeptical about the lending services provided online. These potential borrowers can check out ThinkCash's testimonials page to alleviate these concerns before filling out an online loan application. The lenders past customers have dealt with legal issues, medical bills and other sudden expenses with the help of ThinkCash. Many borrowers who have written testimonials for ThinkCash were able to avoid predatory rates from payday lenders when it came time to pay rents and mortgages. Every borrower listed on the testimonials page mentioned the speed, privacy, and simplicity of working with ThinkCash to solve financial woes. ThinkCash accepts testimonials from past borrowers by email at

Whether it is an emergency loan or ongoing financial assistance, ThinkCash has flexible lending and payment options for customers nationwide. Prospective customers can reach ThinkCash by phone at (866) 420-7157 or fax at (866) 420-7159. The ThinkCash website,, has all of the information needed to complete a loan application within minutes.
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