There comes a time in most people's lives that their expenses may be difficult or impossible to satisfy with the amount of cash they have on hand. Whether the expense is large or small, expected or unexpected, 745-CASH can help. 745-CASH loans can be remotely applied for through a combination of online and fax correspondence and the funds can be easily retrieved from one of the many conveniently located 745-CASH branches throughout Memphis, Tennessee. The loans available from 745-CASH can be short or long term, based upon your individual needs, and most loans are approved and processed within just 20 minutes of receipt of the request and the required documentation-regardless of your credit score or any prior bankruptcy. There is never a credit check and 745-CASH's Privacy Policy ensures personal loan and personal information is secure and held in the strictest of confidence.

There are a multitude of reasons that one may need to temporarily borrow money.
If a family member unexpectedly falls ill and needs medical treatment that is not covered by your insurance and the cash required is not immediately available to you, the funds dispersed to you from 745-CASH can help you quickly access the money you need to get the necessary medical treatment. Expected or unexpected guests can put an additional strain on your budget, and 745-CASH can provide you with additional cash that may help you accommodate your guests and make their visit more relaxed and enjoyable. In truth, 745-CASH can also provide required closing costs for new home buyers or those who are planning to refinance. Closing costs are generally not provided for or included in a first or second mortgage loan, thus the money for closing costs, which can be quite substantial, must come from another source. 745-CASH can get you the cash you need rapidly, so you won't miss out on a great rate. Home repairs and maintenance can be costly, and are often unexpected. 745-CASH offers you the opportunity to quickly obtain the funds necessary to redecorate, renovate, upgrade or repair your home. For those who just need to get away, whether it is for a short weekend retreat or longer vacation, and do not have enough to cover the costs, individuals can turn to 745-CASH for either a check advance loan or title loan to help get you where you want to be sooner.

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A 745-CASH Check Advance Loan can be the perfect solution for those who just need a small loan to help bridge the gap between paychecks. Also commonly referred to as a Payday Loan, Check Advance Loans offer up to $200 upon receipt of your personal check for the amount borrowed, which is held until your next paycheck is issued. To apply for a check advance loan, you will need to provide a personal check for the amount borrowed, a recent bank statement, a document verifying your address, such as a utility bill, and a recent pay stub to serve as proof of income. Applying for a Check Advance or Payday loan is simple and begins with completing the 745-CASH information sheet, which can be downloaded from www.745-cash.com. After filling in the required information, the sheet must be signed and submitted with a copy of your driver's license via FAX to any one of the 745-CASH locations that is most convenient for you. Upon approval of your Check Advance Loan, you simply need to visit the 745-CASH location you submitted your application to, sign the contract and get your money.

Those who need a little more cash, up to $2500, can just as easily apply for a 745-CASH Title Loan. A Title Loan requires your temporarily relinquishing the title to a piece of your personal property, such as your vehicle. 745-CASH Title Loans are short-term, 30 day renewable loans. Those who choose to get a Title Loan using their vehicle as collateral will temporarily relinquish a set of keys and the title to their vehicle, while still maintaining physical possession of the vehicle, in exchange for the cash they need. A 745-CASH Title Loan can also be applied for through a combination of online and FAX correspondence. As with the Check Advance Loan option, the downloadable information sheet located at www.745-cash.com must be completed, signed and faxed to the 745-CASH location of your choice along with a copy of your drivers license, your title, recent bank statement, a utility bill to verify address and documented proof of income which is typically a pay check stub. Once approved, getting the money you need is as easy as visiting the 745-CASH location that processed your application to sign the contract and provide them with a set of keys and the title to your vehicle.

To apply online and find out more about these loans and how 745-CASH can help you and find the 745-CASH location nearest you, visit www.745-cash.com