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    Quanshay Oneal
    Fort Lauderdale florida
    June 2016

    I am so grateful of cash central I am a single mom of two kids and some time my check don't cut all the bills and I have done with so many payday advances places where you had to pay the money back within 14 days which always put me back where I started so what was the use of getting the money bills seems as if they never stopped stressed how each bills is going to get payed is a lot and on top of the fact my hours at work had got cut I felted like a was never getting ahead so I said if I do deal with any other pay day advance company again I was going to make sure that the loans was reasonable and affordable and the fees was affordable as well because I been there and done that so I when on line Google searching loan company's took me some time but I found one I through could be a help for me and it was cash central I read everything to make sure this is the company that could be trusted and I didn't even read any of the reviews that was posted about cash central I only read every regarding the company of cash central then I called in to make sure so I decide that I was going to give cash central that change and I felted good about them but I made sure I asked all the questions I could think of before the rep who was helping me with my loan I just had to make sure because I have had loan with company will tell me one thing and it was something else pissed me off so how ever I got approved for the loan and the loans was affordable and I was giving two pay period to pay the money back which help me out so much little do they no so the first loan was successful and I needed more funds so I felted very comfortable with getting another loan and currently have a loan out now with cash central I was suppose to pay my loan back on the fifthteen of July and I got to where I had some other bills that need to get payed and if cash central was to withdrawed the funds fTom my account then I wasn't going to be able to pay none of my other bills so I called in and explain the problem I was having and was it possible to push the payment back and I was told yes and the rep broke the payment down to be able to be able to still pay them back and be able to pay my other bills all I had to do was resign my new loan of the broke down payment and no extra fees was added I am so happy with cash central at this point and I thank for the help as needed

    5 Service
    5 Cost
    5 Timing
    5 Use Again

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2.2 Service
2.1 cost
2.8 timing
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