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    On August 6th I set up to pay my account in two payments . The first payment was for $100 on the 15th and the other was for $535 on the 29th which would pay my account in full. The $100 payment was never presented to my bank although I did receive an email on the 15th from Cash Central saying that it was returned. This is not true as I have direct deoposit which was deposited on the 15th and there was no payment presented to my bank I called and spoke with them about it. On the 18th which is Monday I called Cash Central to ask about the email and was told that I had already spoken with someone that same day and set up a payment for $492 because they were giving discounts. I argued with them for quite awhile about not having spoken with anyone and really got not answers. The next day on the 19th I see a payment for $635 has come out of my account and now I am in the negative. I call to check with them to see what is going on and three different people could not give me any answers. I was told to fax a copy of my bank statement to them because it could not have been them that took the money. It says Direct Financial Solutions on my account and that is what they told me it would say if it were them. So I fax it and then call them and they say it will take several hours to look at it because the building is big and they receive thousands of fax's per minute so they are very busy.

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