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    This lender used to be the best, but now since they switched to Crestline (Line of Credit) system under the new Ohio payday regulation they need to be shut down entirely. They are nickel and diming you with various enormous fees. (i.e. I want to closed my line of credit with them but they insist that I cough up the entire annual fee plus any other fee charges and pay a monthly maintenance fee to borrow money or they lock your account and you'll be charge interest on a daily basis) I have filed a complaint against this lender via Better Business Bureau and State of Ohio Attorney General which is still in progress. I will never recommend or want to do business with them every again. They won't even work a payment plan or have the amount applied to the annual fee to close the account out. I am working to these monkeys off my back. This lender practices and policies needs to be re-examined again under the new payday loan regulations which consumers thought would make it better; I disagreed, I believe this made worse. Checksmart/Crestline needs to be shut down.

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