MoneyTree is a financial institution based out of Reston, Washington that has provided services to businesses and individuals since 1983. The company started with a single branch in Reston opening on October 31st, 1983 and has expanded into Idaho, California, Nevada, and Colorado. Money Tree's reputation as a sound lender and check cashing business has been echoed by publications throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Puget Sound Journal named MoneyTree as one of the Top 25 Corporate Philanthropists in Washington State since 2002. MoneyTree has also been listed on the 2008 Best Companies to Work for in Colorado, showing its commitment to quality outside of Washington. The company's charitable giving extends to a dozen different charities ranging from the Foundation for Positively Kids to the Independent Colleges of Washington.

The cornerstone of Money Tree's customer service is the provision of loans and cash unavailable through traditional banks. MoneyTree provides check-cashing services to customers with payroll checks and money orders without requiring a lengthy account registration process. The company's payday lending process can be initiated online and completed within minutes of arriving in a MoneyTree office. Customers can fill out online applications and submit postdated personal checks to gain access to money for mortgage payments, bills, and necessities.

MoneyTree Ratings

2.8 Service
2.3 cost
2.8 timing
2.5 use again

Money Tree's history has shown that the financial world is not stuck in Reston, Washington or any other city. Many of their customers use services like money orders and wire fund transfers to get money to friends, relatives, and bill collectors on time. MoneyTree customers can get money orders in case property owners, utilities and other companies need a prepaid source of funds. The company also uses Western Union to facilitate its wire fund transfers outside of its five-state scope. While third-party online resources may offer quick money exchanges, MoneyTree's services are proven to be reliable and secure to protect large amounts of money.

The insecurity of today's financial markets makes a reliable mortgage broker critical for personal financial security. Money Tree has collaborated with McLaughlin Capital Group to facilitate mortgages in Washington and Idaho for homeowners in those states. The company plans to expand its mortgage services to California, Nevada, and Colorado in the future.

MoneyTree does not focus simply on mortgages when lending to customers throughout the western United States. MoneyTree Lending works with individuals and businesses to make money available based on responsible assessments of credit and income. The lender has helped small businesses acquire new equipment and consumers make their homes more affordable over the years. The MoneyTree website has guidelines and applications covering both types of loans to help consumers make the right financial choices.

Many banks require savings or checking accounts for people who bring in change to be converted into cash. Money Tree offers its CoinTree counting machines as an alternative to going to the bank with a bag full of quarters, dimes, and pennies. MoneyTree has stationed the CoinTree machines in branches from Boise, Idaho to San Diego, California to help customers get quick cash from their spare change.

The services offered by MoneyTree are not limited to the traditional functions of a bank or payday lending institution. Money Tree's folksy roots mean that customers can access plenty of other services while getting a debit card or a money order. Small business owners who need to submit important documents to City Hall or state offices can use MoneyTree to send out faxes. Money Tree branches have new copy machines for black and white as well as color copies of documents needed in a busy professional's daily life. Each branch also sells postage stamps including the Forever stamp to save customers from going out of their way to reach a post office.

MoneyTree has also expanded its services to accommodate workers and business owners who have trouble getting to work. The lender is offering bus passes in Nevada with plans to expand these services in the future to keep customers moving. While other financial institutions leave their account holders to their own devices outside of local branches, MoneyTree is concerned with the ability of customers to succeed financially.

Plenty of MoneyTree customers do not need to worry about payday loans but need a debit card to keep money accessible away from home. The MoneyTree prepaid debit card helps any user avoid the temptation to use credit cards. The debit card is similar to a gift card because it has a certain cash value that cannot be exceeded at gas stations, malls, and grocery stores.

You can contact MoneyTree today if you need to avail yourself of any of these services. Every customer can contact (800) 745-1011 to speak with a customer service consultant and (888) 516-6643 to reach the call center. The company's website is and provides everything needed to complete a transaction if you live near a MoneyTree office.