$500 Cash Advance

A $500 cash advance may be the answer you need when you are facing a financial emergency. A cash advance can help you without ruining your credit history. These short-term loans should be used for an emergency only, no matter what it may be. You may have a situation where just a few hundred dollars can really help, and that's where a $500 cash advance can help out.

You will enjoy a fast and simple process when you apply for a $500 cash advance online. You can find many online companies that can process your loan quickly and that promise you money in your account the very next day. These cash advance companies even allow bad credit. You also don't need to fax or send any documents, as everything is done through online resources.

These types of loans are usually lent out to customers for about 2 weeks, and then there may be an additional flat fee to repay it late. Some people would rather pay off the loan in installments, and many companies do offer this for the $500 cash advance option. This way you can pay a partial payment at a time, just remember that you will end up paying more in fees. You should always try to pay in one installment if at all possible to avoid additional fees.

Many lending companies offer two ways that you can pay back your cash advance. Many ask for a post-dated check on the day you get your loan, which will be cashed on your due date. Other companies offer direct account debit, which is giving you're approval to debit your account on your due date for the amount of your original loan, plus all fees. Many people prefer this method, but make sure that your lending companies' site is secure and safe so your bank account information stays safe, as well.

You may also be offered an extension if you cannot pay back your $500 cash advance when the due date rolls around. This may be expensive because of penalties and fees added on. It is wise to not get into this, as you can easily become trapped into a cash advance situation where you are borrowing money to pay off your loan. Reap the benefits of a $500 cash advance by trying your best to pay it off in full on the original due date.