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Founded in 1997, Advance America is a leading cash advance lender with over 2400 locations across 30 states. This company aims to help individuals who encounter an unexpected change in life and are in need of fast accessible cash funds. Advance America is known for providing exceptional service and great customer care. Customer satisfaction is important to this company, so every employee is trained professionally on how to serve customers and provide payday loans. Advance America belongs to the Community Financial Services Association, which is a respected organization across the country. This lending business exceeds standards and continues to grow and improve services provided to all customers. The company provides cash advances and payday loans to customers who are in financial need. They respect each customer and understand that a financial crisis can be very stressful. That is why they focus much attention on customer service. By providing smooth, fast and hassle free transactions the stress levels of the customer is not increased and they are able to receive the immediate cash funds needed.

Payday loans have become very popular in the past few years. There are thousands of lending companies that offer these loans through their stores or online. Advance America is one of the leading lenders available. They have a great rapport and a high rate of return customers. Payday loans are the perfect solution for immediate financial needs. These short-term loans have assisted millions of customers. A payday loan, also called a cash advance, is available to all customers who apply. The amount of the loan may vary, depending on the state in which the application is submitted. Typically, a payday loan ranges between $100 and $1500. When an emergency arises and a customer needs cash funds quickly, they turn to a trusted lender to apply for a payday loan. The great benefit of these loans is that customers do not need a credit check. Payday loans are approved based on the customers’ ability to repay the loan when it is due. To make sure of this, there are some minimal requirements when applying. The customer must be over the age of 18, have a valid and active checking account that is in good standing and they must have steady employment. Applying for a payday loan does not alter your current credit score because these types of loans are not reported to a credit bureau.

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When people have a cash flow problem, many of them turn to payday loans. These loans are designed to provide customers with access to cash funds quickly. Most payday loans are for a term of 14 days and are typically required to be repaid in full upon the receipt of your next paycheck. Payday loans and cash advances provided by Advance America are simple to apply for. The application process only takes a few minutes and most customers are approved shortly after submission. Once approved, the requested amount will be electronically transferred into the customer's checking account. The funds will be accessible the following business day. Customers must visit a store to fill out an application. When going to apply for a loan, make sure to have the necessary documents and forms of identification. You will need to have a current pay stub to prove your employment as well as a recent bank statement. A government or state issued identification is required. Advance America requires customers to fill out a check at the time of the loan approval. The amount is to include the total amount of the loan plus 15% of the loan amount for fees. The customer then gives this check to the company and is issued a check for the loan amount that can be cashed or deposited immediately. The personal check written by the customer will be post-dated for an agreed date. When the loan is due, customers need to return to the store. At this time, the entire amount plus any fees are to be paid. Upon receipt of full payment, Advance America will return the personal check to the customer.

This company also allows customers to submit an online application. This is probably the easiest way to apply for a payday loan. You can do it from the comfort of your home. The application should only take a few moments to fill out. It can be submitted by visiting the company website at

All information that is submitted online is safe and secure. If you have any questions or concerns about the online application, you may contact a service representative by sending an email of inquiry to

Employees respond to online concerns quickly and you should receive an answer within a few hours of submission. This company is one of the few lenders who base the amount of the loan on your income. Customers must have a steady source of income, which is to be proven at the time the loan application is submitted. Customers may then request a loan up to 32% of their gross income per month. It should be noted that the actual minimum and maximum amounts are determined by state law. It is best to check to see how much cash is available to you should you carry through with the application. To do this, visit the company website. There you will be able to enter the state and determine how much money you will be able to receive. Most lenders to not operate in this fashion and they have a set amount that cannot be exceeded. This company realized the importance of their service to customers in need of fast funds, so the amount is much larger than a customer may get at another lending company.

Advance America does not only offer cash advances. There are other services provided to customers. A Prepaid Visa or a Visa Gift Card can be purchased through this company. They also offer Money Gram services and tax preparations. This company understands that your financial needs may not stop at obtaining a cash advance, so they offer these services to better provide for their customers.

If you feel you may not be able to repay the loan in full, Advance America does offer a rollover plan. This would allow the loan to be extended for a period of time. When a rollover is granted, customers will have to pay the fee on the due date, but the loan amount will not be due until the date of the rollover. Extensions and rollovers are also determined by state laws. Should you face an issue and cannot repay the loan on time, contact a customer service representative as soon as possible to discuss your options.

A cash advance could be the answer to your immediate financial problems if something unexpected occurs. These loans are not intended for regular use. Using a payday loan frequently may add to your financial distress. Advance America does understand that things happen and many people face situations that require cash funds. They are here to help with those short-term emergencies. There is a limit as to how many cash advances a customer may apply for consecutively. These details should be discussed if you find you are using the service frequently. Advance America can help with financial budgeting if you feel you have a serious problem. They can also refer customers to financial counseling services.

Cash advances are used for many different reasons. Each customer has their own personal reasons for applying for the loan. These reasons do not need to be disclosed at the time of application submission. This company values the privacy of the customer and will never ask for information that is not relevant to the actual loan process. This short-term loan service can benefit the consumer in many ways, and could even save customers money. If cash is tight and bills are due, many customers will take a cash advance to pay the bills on time. This helps to avoid extra fees and interest that are added when payments are late. The cost of the payday loan is minimal in comparison to the penalty fees associated with late bill payments. There are endless reasons to apply for a cash advance. Trained employees are always available to discuss your options and guide you through the loan process should you decide to apply. Advance America is a respected company that has serviced customers for many years and they continue to grow and improve all areas of service.

Website Review of Advance America offers short term payday loans, prepaid visa cards, and a visa gift card. Also, when you click on the "OTHER SERVICES" menu button on the top of the home page, you will see they provide Moneygram services and Taxone services.

The daunting thing about applying is when I went to apply, I found a very long and very complicated box at the bottom of the page that has a check box and says "PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING". It is one long paragraph of 680 words that could only truly be comprehended by a lawyer or a highly educated person. In addition to name and phone number, they require: Driver's License, Vehicle Information (Make, Model, Year, Color, Tag/License #), and References (including phone number). has disclaimers and terms and conditions at almost every page of the site. It seems that in order to use's services, you would have to contact them directly (there is no phone number offered) by clicking on the "contact" button at the very top right of the home page. From there you can fill out a form (all fields "REQUIRED"- that means you have to give your personal data to them), and wait for them to get back to you.

While may be a very good service, I found it not to be very user-friendly or accessible.