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The sheer numbers of lenders offering cash advance loans for the state of California can seem staggering- after all, who has the time to research all of those companies? This is where SameDayPayday can be of service. In addition to our payday store directory by city, our site offers in-depth profiles and user reviews of leading cash advance providers.

Payday loans are not considered to be long-term loans and are, therefore, meant to be repaid quickly, often within a couple of weeks. Please borrow responsibly.

Payday Loan Lending Laws in California

In California payday lending is legal. However, much like other states there are strict laws that regulate the practice of payday lending that are in place specifically to protect borrowers from predatory lending. The maximum you can borrow is $300 with a loan term of a maximum of 31 days. Finance charges must not exceed 15% which is equivalent to an APR of 460% for a two-week loan. In California you can only have one loan out at a time, and are not allowed any extensions.

The payday lending industry is increasing in the state of California. There were more than 2,123 payday lenders in the state, as of 2011. The lending industry is growing as a whole throughout the nation and the growth is seen everywhere, even in California. In an internet search early 2017, “payday loans California” turned up 500,000 hits!

The regulation of the cash advance lending industry falls mainly to the individual states. These short-term lending institutions are balance atop an active and rocky legal terrain. Lobbyists are working around the clock on both sides of the legal issue- on one hand the cash advance lending industry wants to make sure you have access to much needed emergency cash and on the other hand opponents are fervently working to try to end the availability of short-term loans under the guise of consumer protection.

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California Cash Advance Loans
The state motto of California is: “Eureka!”

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California cash advance loans are the way to go when you are faced with an emergency need for quick cash. has been a favorite for many residing in the Golden State as satisfied customers discover relief from their financial emergency. Probably the greatest part about obtaining a cash advance loan online is that it’s so fast, safe, and convenient.