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  • Cash Central Stole Money From Me- Do Not Use Them

    Rapid City,SD

    I was looking online for a payday loan and entered some of my information into a lender matching site. I later received an email from Cash Central saying I was approved for a $500 loan. I went to their site to see more information. I signed a document saying the information they had about me was correct. After looking at the actual loan contract I decided I did not want to go through with the loan. I did not sign the contract and closed out of their site. 2 days later $500 was deposited into my account anyway.I figured they would not withdraw the money until my payday since they went ahead with the loan anyway. 4 days after the money was deposited into my account Cash Central went back into my account and took out $600 leaving my account negative. Not only did they do this but they also gave my bank information to another company that stole money out of my account at the same time. I got charged $35 overdraft fees for each transaction. So now after they illegally went through with the contract, they resulted in my account being $700 in the negative. I will be getting a lawyer. Cash Central is a Scam please do not use them.

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