Cash Central Customer Review

  • Cash Central is great. It's a payday loan, people! What do you expect?

    P Jones
    Los Angeles, CA

    Look. Let's get real. It is never a great idea to get a payday loan. The interest rates are insane. If you don't pay on time, because of the ridiculous interest rate, you can end up owing thousands, on a small loan. That's just the way things work.

    If you're willing to accept those facts, payday loans can be a lifesaver. I am a model, and very often I'll go through dead times when no one is hiring me for shoots. Payday loans have saved my booty when I had bills due on a certain day and simply hadn't made any money for a while. Then, once I'm back doing photo shoots, I can pay it back. I certainly don't expect to be doing payday loans my entire life. That would be crazy. But until the day I can make a consistent income stream, I'm happy with Cash Central.

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