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  • Flawless loan


    We just had a bankruptcy discharged, and our credit was totally shot.. My wife had an idea to start a business, she needed materials, and inventory. Cash Central was there when everyone was 236%.. Cash Central did everything legal.. They gave me the truth in lending disclosure, they else slammed the door in our face. I took out a $1,000 loan, for 18 months.. The interest rate were upfront with the terms, and length of the loan. AND.. Nobody forced me to get the loan.. The first 6 or 7 payments was all interest, as interest is taken out on top of the loan. I knew those terms coming in.. That was not deceiving in any way. When my wife made the money back, we paid it back. They were a big help when we needed them. I would highly recommend them.. but for those who signed up for a loan, then had buyer's remorse not realizing you probably will be paying 3 times the amount back in interest if all you made were the minimum payments.. Who's fault is it?

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