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  • Fraud Victim

    Angry in Logan
    Logan, UT
    Fraud Victim

    Sent to UT Attorney General: “I have had money unlawfully taken electronically as an ACH withdrawal from my checking account with USU Credit Union (recently purchased by Golden West). The theft was by Cash Central also known as Direct Financial Solutions. This business has confirmed that the money was "mistakenly" removed. The credit union has confirmed that the person removing the money was not on the account. Neither the credit union nor Cash Central will 1) provide the name of the thieving individual 2) an explanation of how this happened. Though Cash Central says a mistake was made in the thief's name by the business they refuse to refund the money stolen unless I provide additional personal information in the form of a bank statement-which I believe would simply provide more personal information for them to use to continue to steal. The Logan Police Department has been notified (case #XX). They have spoken to Cash Central who thus far refuses to cooperate and provide the name of the thief. We desire to press charges against the business Cash Central, the thief, and the credit union that did not prevent the theft even though the name used was not on the account. Thank you for your assistance in this matter of fraud and identity theft.”

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