Cash Central Customer Review

  • Please, please, please never borrow from Cash Central


    Took out an installment loan...missed a payment when my house payment was accidentally taken out of my account twice. When I called to tell them I would have to double up on the next payment due to the overdraft on my bank account, they refused to work with me. What I found so interesting was that I had other lenders that were in the same position. When I called the other lenders, they were all so accommodating and set up payment arrangements that worked out well. I was able to catch up again with everyone in no time, except cash central. I asked them not to resubmit the payment and that I would pay both payments on my next paycheck and they resubmitted it, causing even more overdraft charges. It was an ongoing nightmare after that...every once in awhile you will get a nice customer service agent, but most of the time, after waiting for 20 minutes, you will get a really rude, horrible customer service agent and the company is absolutely a rip off! Please never borrow from them as there as so many other lenders that are so much better to work with than Cash Central. You will sincerely regret ever having borrowed from them.

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Cash Central Ratings

2.2 Service
2.1 cost
2.8 timing
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