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  • Ridiculously BAD company

    Pissed Customer
    Dallas, TX

    If I could rate this all zeros I would, but I'm not given that option. My husband and I filled out an application on line. I was suspicious when they required my Bank Account info before even approving me, and didn't want to continue, but we really needed the cash, so my husband decided to proceed. After getting "approved" we still couldn't find any terms to the loan, and only found their "fee" of twenty-something per $100 loaned.... WHAT!?! So we decided not to accept the loan. Since then, for the last 3 days I have received MULTIPLE EMAILS A DAY, telling me I was approved and needed to accept my loan. We finally decided to accept the loan and called and was told that I would have to call CL Verify at 1-800-9623. Well all that is is an automated system telling me how to receive my declination letter. To me, this is poor customer service and even worse way to do business. Why would you bombard someone with a ton of approval letters and once they decide to accept the loan decline it??? I can handle the fact that I was declined, I know my credit isn't great, but just tell me I was declined, or send me a declination email, but not a million approval letters! RIDICULOUS, RIDICULOUS, RIDICULOUS!!! I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!!

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