Cash Central Customer Review

  • Started ok, probably because they wanted business, then got worse...


    Of course every business will seem great when you are a new customer. NEVER do an installment loan unless you plan on paying it back within 3 months. Otherwise, you will end up paying almost double the amount you asked for. You accumulate interest EVERY DAY, regardless of you paying on your principal bi-weekly, it basically starts from 0. Over the course of 6 months paying $200/ bi-weekly for a $1K loan, i only took SIX DOLLARS off of the principal. When i called to finally have the entire amount debited, i called the next day to verify and they were only going to do HALF of the loan..?!?! Why? Even when i tried paying the full amount by debit, they couldn't accept anything more than $700..what sense does that make when you are trying to pay back the loan in full? ($1K). Customer service online, don't even bother because if you don't respond within 10 seconds then they will say that "due to lack of response, this chat will now be closed". Damn, give someone time to respond to your message! I literally typed back within 15 seconds and said "you literally just responded to my question, but ok." and they closed the chat. ALSO, when attempting to look at my account history, it was "unavailable". I asked a rep why this was so and her explanation was "SOME customers are unable to access their account history at this time, sorry"..uh, SOME customers, and what kind of explanation is that? Is there a system issue, is the server down? Never again will i work with these guys, for their lack of providing information on their website that they ALWAYS refer you to, you having to call back just to reassure what you asked for previously is going to be done, and their asinine installment loan policies, please do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache. Just research online.

    2 Service
    1 Cost
    3 Timing
    1 Use Again

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