If you live in Ohio, CashMax with over 55 locations is your hometown source for fast cash. Whether you want to cash a paycheck, or need a short term advance or title loan, CashMax can help.

What sets them apart is their employee’s commitment to their customers and years of commitment to the community. CashMax has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people with their Pay it Forward program. What started as a weekly gesture by paying for everyone’s meal at a fast food restaurant, has now expanded into grocery stores where they select one family and pay for all of the groceries.

CashMax Ratings

4.5 Service
2.5 cost
3.5 timing
4.0 use again

CashMax offers two types of loans – cash advances and title loans. Their cash advance product ranges from $300 to $1000. To qualify, you will need a state ID, paycheck stub, bank statement, voided check, and utility bill or something to verify your address.

If you need to borrow a larger amount and own your car, CashMax offers title loans up to $10,000. The loan is secured by the value of your vehicle and you still get to drive the car during the loan term. You must have clear title, proof of income, state ID, and a working vehicle.

To receive your free estimate, call (800) 777-7777 or stop by your nearest CashMax location. Or contact by email at or on the web at