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  • The most frustrating customer service


    I have used cash central 3 times thus far. This review is based on my experience with customer service. I've had payday loans in the past and know how they work. This isn't about the fees or the payday loan cycle. My 3rd loan payment didn't go thru due to bank issues on my end. I reached out to them on Wednesday when I realized the ACH was rejected and set a date for them to run an ACH on Monday next week. I accepted the fees they charged, because well, it was my fault. I got a reminder call on Friday from a representative that literally had me wanting to pull my hair out. I thought she was going to call me and be like hey, we just wanted to remind you that you have a payment schedule Monday and if that's all good to go? But NO. She hounded me for to pay right now. She said you should have been paid today, why don't you run the credit card/debit card. I said well, I'm sorting out issues with my bank when I get off today at 12 from work (I had a fraud alert on my account, so all transactions were being rejected). She was like okay can I call you at 1pm so we can take care of it. I said dude, do you not understand what I'm saying? I want to keep the already scheduled Monday ACH payment. She says "I don't understand why you can't just make the payment now if you have the funds". She kept repeating, "let's take care of this now". What?! She was literally forcing me to make a payment when in plain English, I said No ma'am I'd like to keep the scheduled payment. She says, "But why don't you pay right now". I said because I don't want to. I finally got her off the phone on a irritated note on both ends.

    Then I get a call on Sunday, and I kid you not, I had the exact same rundown with another representative. The. Exact. Same. Conversation. I'm so irked at this point. I've worked in customer service positions, so I know how it is, which is why I make sure I'm polite and patient, because I've been on the other end of the line. This was just ridiculous. I shouldn't have to explain my life story to a rep because she "doesn't understand why I just don't want to pay today". I just don't. I've already set up a ACH Monday, and I'd like to keep it that way. She literally tells me that they will call me again to remind me. I said uhh, it's Sunday. You've already called and reminded for a payment that will hit my account TOMORROW. What the hell?

    I'm not the type to hang up or start cursing, but god, did I want too. If this is their service, I'm done. After this payment, I'm done. Some people might be thinkig, well why didn't you just pay if you had the funds. Well, because I didn't want too. It's simple as that. The way I process things on my bank account, is MY choice. I shouldn't be pressured into making a payment over the phone even if it's past due. I also, shouldn't have to give you the semantics of why I want this payment run as an ACH as opposed to running it on my debit card. It's none of your business. We rescheduled a payment days ago and that should be the end of our conversation.

    Their online service/website is nice but this was ridiculous and I won't be using them again.

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