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  • This company is a con

    Justin Amos
    San Antonio TX
    One time, never again

    Note: zero stars is the rating. They are a underhanded corporation. Payday loans are horribly, that is a fact. This company however, takes the cake. As you log in and fill out the pay day loan information and you agree to the amount you want it then takes you to a "refinance page". This page has a few sentences, a drop bar with 4, 3, 2, and 1. There is no zero option. Further, there is no "skip to complete loan". So you're forced to select 1 and then the terms of agreement page. The amount you show owing on the final page stays the amount you originally wanted (amount you request and the agreed upon fee). Then they charge you the fee twice over and tell you that you agreed to the refinancing of your loan. Be aware, nothing on the refinance page or there after shows a single thing about paying the original fee and a "refinance" fee. It simply says the loan amount and fee on all the final pages. All emails sent show one fee and the loan amount; there is no documentation of the fee. In the terms and agreements (hidden deep somewhere between A and Z) there is a quote "listing of the refinance charges" but no sign in any email of two finance fees. I argues for 26 minutes with this company. End result, they're an underhanded company who bullies customers already financial struggling. I hope Bernie Sanders begins investigating loan companies such as yours very soon.

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