Cash Central Customer Review

  • dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kevin c

    The company will loan you money and act like they are supportive but when you contact them 6 days in advance and try to spilt the payoff and they tell you the can extend the loan by 7 days on the full amount instead of getting half the money and giving the extension for the rest of payoff a few days after the extension on full amount. I communicated several times. With no luck. They took all the money and caused overdraft as I told them if they took all instead of partial payment of At least half. Then 2 days later a supervisor calls to see if she could help me with my situation.REALLY. IF YOU WANTED TO HELP WHY NOT CALL PRIOR TO CAUSING THE PROBLEM INSTEAD OF W DAYS LATER. USE ACE CASH OR CASHCALL BECAUSE THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO ASSIST YOU.

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Cash Central Ratings

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2.8 timing
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