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    if you are looking for somewhere that is unwilling to work with you you have found the right place. I was moving from one job to the other and my payday didn't come on time charge my account which put it into the negative. Refused to move the date back further when I have called.some of the rudest customer service representative that I have ever dealt with. Fell on hard times ended up having to switch a job and I was told that they gave me my money on time so they needed their money back on time. Have spoken to several Representatives only gotten two that were willing to understand the situation. One of the managers told methat if I was on willing to pay they had other ways to get their money from me. I understand I entered an agreement to pay on time but things happen. Informed the manager that it was unreasonable to call me 10 times within 5 hours and she stated that she didn't know why we were speaking about that because it had nothing to do with my loan. Had several job interviews that day which they interrupted and she said maybe I should put my phone on silent, when you have a mother with cancer that is going through hormone therapy your phone doesn't get put on silent.I will never go through this company again. Save yourself the trouble and don't go through it the first time

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