CashNet500 Customer Review

  • excuse me CashNet500 Mrs.

    Melanie Thomas
    Jacumba,Ca. 91934

    CashNet500 has helped me out in my time of need ; I live 80 miles from the my bank
    in the mountains. I didn't have enough cash to get gas or food to cover us till I got payed. CashNet500 advansed me the monies and we were able to get through also I was able to extend the loan and I didn't have to pay it bake until the following week win my taxes came in that made it ease for us all the way!

    Thank You CashNet500

    Melanie Thomas

    5 Service
    5 Cost
    5 Timing
    5 Use Again

CashNet500 Ratings

3.2 Service
3.0 cost
3.4 timing
3.4 use again