CashNetUSA helps people get through to their next payday. The services at CashNetUSA offer fast solutions for people that are having money problems, as they can help with such things as unexpected bills and various emergency situations where quick cash is needed.

CashNetUSA is quick and hassle free. The loan application process can be completed over the Internet, and it only takes around 5 minutes. People can have their loan approved instantly, and then have the cash deposited into their account the very next day. People with bad credit or even no credit can still obtain a loan from CashNetUSA. The entire loan process is done online, so there is no paperwork or faxing that needs to be done.

CashNetUSA Ratings

3.1 Service
2.8 cost
3.4 timing
3.1 use again
History Of CashNetUSA
CashNetUSA was established in 2004, and since that time, the company has grown to become one of the largest nationwide lenders. CashNetUSA is a member of the CFSA and the BBB, and they are dedicated to being a responsible loan lender. CashNetUSA is available in over 30 states, and the number continues to grow.

How The Loan Process Works
It is fast and easy to obtain a loan from CashNetUSA. People need to simply apply for the loan online, and then they can directly deposit up to $750 in their bank account the next day. There is no faxing involved, as people can fill out the application online, and then they are instantly notified if they were approved for the loan or not. To be eligible for a CashNetUSA loan, people have to have an active checking account, been employed for at least one month's time, be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident, and be at least 18 years old.

While first time customers at CashNetUSA can receive up to $750, people that are existing customers can receive up to $1,500. If people apply for the loan before 9 PM Central Standard Time (CST) on Monday through Friday, and they are approved, they will generally receive the funds in their account the following business day. If people are approved for a CashNetUSA loan on Saturday or Sunday, they will generally receive the funds before 7 PM CST on the following Monday. CashNetUSA will send their customers a reminder of repayment by e-mail 1 or 2 days before the loan is due to be repaid. CashNetUSA offers people 3 options for repayment, which are pay in full, extend, and partial payment. People can make the choice on which repayment options suit their needs.

Rates And Terms
CashNetUSA bills itself as one of the leading payday loan providers in the United States, as they are dedicated to offering their customers the easiest lending services from the comfort of their own home. The rates and terms of the payday loans that the company offers will depend on the state where the customer resides. On the CashNetUSA website, which can be viewed at,, there is a link called Rates and Terms, where there is a map of the U.S., and customers can click on the state where they live to find out the rates and terms of the loans.

Other Offers
Loyal CashNetUSA customers can automatically qualify for the Preferred Member Program, which offers customers significant savings on the loans they take out. After people are enrolled, there is a discount code that they can use the next time they obtain a loan from CashNetUSA. The 3 different saving plans are Silver (10% off), Gold (20% off), and Platinum (30% off). There is also a Refer a Friend bonus, where customers can refer a friend to CashNetUSA, and if they obtain a loan, then the person who referred them will receive $20.

Contact CashNetUSA
CashNetUSA has a customer service department that is available 24/7, and they even have a Live Chat system, which allows people to talk to a live representative online.

Customer Service: 888-801-9075
General Fax: 866-326-5265
Collections: 888-801-9078
Collections fax: 866-350-0110

Customer Service:
Collections Dept:

200 West Jackson, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60606-6941