CashNetUSA Customer Review

  • Very unhappy with casnnetusa and out of money and a Bank account


    I would never try to use casnnetusa again they took out $300.00 one time then turned around and tried to take 500.00 more dollars and messed up my bank account I had to pay my bank 720.00 because now they are tring to get me arrested because i refuse to pay more money to them. the the collection company they have calling is rude and unprofessional they call you from 18002010565 Diane and her Supervisor they don't give you a chance to talk they talk over you and then tell you it's your problem they know how to handle you.

    4 Service
    4 Cost
    4 Timing
    4 Use Again

CashNetUSA Ratings

3.1 Service
2.8 cost
3.4 timing
3.1 use again