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When consumers think about the payday loan industry, one name constantly pops into their head. Check Into Cash has done a ton of marketing to make sure that their name is in the forefront for customers all over the United States. In a way, they wrote the book on how to run a business in this day and age. While other companies have come along and tried to duplicate their business plan, they are still on top of the heap when it comes to service and customer base. That is because, among other reasons, they have been around the longest and they have had the longest time to earn the trust of consumers around the world. Their business plan is simple put the customer first and give them the chance to have a type of convenience that no one else in the financial industry is willing to offer.

Check Into Cash is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2008 and in those 15 years, they have really become one of the finest companies in America. Back in 1993, they were founded in the city of Cleveland, Tennessee by a man named W. Allan Jones. Jones had a vision for a new type of company that would not only look out for the common consumer, but also give that person more options than they had during that time. Though he went out on a limb and started his company without a whole lot of market research, it is now very evident that Jones' business plan was a good one. His company immediately filled the void that was missing in the lives of consumers and sine then, the company has grown to occupy a place in the heart of the mainstream. If you want to read more about the history of the company and some of its policies, then you should take the time to visit their website at In addition to that, you can reach them by email at Both of these links will set you up with people who can answer any questions that you might have otherwise had about the company.

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As mentioned before, the Check Into Cash business philosophy is not a complicated one. In fact, it is really quite simple. They are here for the consumer, above anything else. There is nothing that is going to get in between their relationship with consumers. With that in mind, they set up a system for securing payday advance loans that is fairly simple and easy to understand. When someone walks into Check Into Cash looking for a loan, a few things have to happen before they can get their money. Not just any person off of the street is going to be able to come in and get money. Customers have to be able to prove that they have employment and income coming in. There is not a ton of information required to do this, though. All that is needed is a valid form of identification, along with proof of employment and a bank statement from the last month. Why does the company need all of these things? Check Into Cash just wants to make sure that they are protected and that you are protected. They want to know that you really will have the ability to pay off the loan before the saddle you with something that will hurt you financially.

With so many different payday loan companies out there, something has to set this one apart and make it one of the top dogs. You might be thinking of several things that could make a company one of the best in its field and they are all true, for the most part, when dealing with Check Into Cash. The first and most recognizable thing about this company is that they have a ton of locations so that customers are never too far away from the money that they need. As mentioned before, one of the primary things that made the business plan successful was the fact that this company is very convenient. People do not have to go away from their schedule to get their hands on the fast cash that they need. There are more than 1,200 locations in the United States 1,230 to be specific so customers can rest assured that they are never out of arm's reach from a Check Into Cash location.

Just being around really isn't enough for a company if they want to be really successful, though. Companies have to be much more than that if they want to be the best in their entire industry. Check Into Cash has become one of the best in its industry because they actually care about the people that they service. All too often, cash advance and payday loan companies destroy the financial situation of their customers. If a person does not pay the loan right away, these companies will force cash the checks and end up causing hundreds of dollars in fees to a customer's bank account. At Check Into Cash, customers don't have to worry about their check being force cashed. Though there are some stringent measures that Check Into Cash can take in order to get paid on their loan, they will usually stop short of destroying a person's finances. This is one of the primary reasons why they have gained so much respect and so much acclaim on the past 15 years in business.

Check Into Cash is a company that is in a unique transition period right now. While many companies are struggling to meet the challenges presented by technology changes, Check Into Cash seems to relish the role. They have taken their marketing effort to the internet and they are basing much of their business around the internet in this day and age. This is important because it is one more way that the company is looking out for its customers and their convenience. There is no reason why customers should not be able to use the phone or use the internet to get a payday loan and Check Into Cash understands this as well as anyone. Their progressive thinking and forward actions are part of the reason why they have succeeded in a market where many companies have failed.

When it comes to payday loan companies, few names have the clout that Check Into Cash does. They have been around the block a time or two and their company has stood the test of time. They are always recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the world and their people really do a nice job of looking after clients. For customers that want to be treated the right way, there is really no better choice out there than Check Into Cash. They perfected the system and they continue to get better and better at getting people money right in the nick of time before trouble hits.
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