Independent Web Site Review of right from the beginning offers three ways to access's services. You can enter your city and state, Apply ("now") Online (still must enter your state) or call them at the toll free number found on the top right of the site.

Currently has "over 1,277 cash advance payday loan centers nationwide with more to come." lets the user know the hours of operation up front and in addition to the toll free number, adds the name and phone number of the Sr. Vice President of Operations and the names and phone numbers of the Regional Vice President for each of the 3 regions that serves.

While applying, a talking money stack (ok, he doesn't really talk- he's quoted like a cartoon) starts you off with "Hi, my name is Bob Cash. As the first employee at Check into Cash, I've been helping people with their short term financial needs since June 21, 1993."

As you begin filling out the application, Bob continues his dialogue from the sidelines. As you correctly fill out each field and move onto the next field, the color behind the information turns green and Bob comments. For example, I filled out my first name and moved to the "Last Name" box and Bob said, "Great, Fred! Now let's get you started and get the cash you need." If you make an error when filling out a box, the color turns purple and Bob tells you how to fix the error. I put the password 123456 and Bob told me that I must have at least one letter in that Password. Fixing it by typing 12A456 got me the green.

For the rest of the application, follows the same pattern with sections titled "Tell us where you are from", "Tell us where you work", "Tell us where you bank" and "Complete the application".

If communicating with was not made easy enough, there is an additional handy "Click to Chat Live" button at the bottom of the application. However, it's only available during operating hours.

Finally, in addition to the payday loan service, "Now Offers Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Cards". offers a user-friendly tool for your payday loan needs.