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  • Unprofessional customer service

    6621 E. 82nd St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

    Had been using this store since it was around the corner from. The Way I was treated on 10/4/17 yesterday evening was uncalled for. An employee by the name Brandon must of thought he was talking to one of his home boys or home girls. I called him before I got to the store I wanted to see if I could qualify for another loan. He said yes MEANING by him being an employee there you one would think he would let the customer know out of COURTESY that I would need a new paystub before I get there. I let him know this he trying make up every excuse imaginable instead of saying I apologize for the missed communication,but now he said by me being a long standing customer I should of known that I needed a new paystub. I explained to him no I dont NOONE since I been going to that store let me know I need a new paystub ever 30 days and had been going to this stores almost 2 yrs. The turn over with new faces is quite often. Meanwhile, as I explained the situation he started comparing me to other customer on what the do and ask for. I said but I am not doing your job. He then abrutly, says to me AS HE PUT BOTH HANDS ON THE COUNTER LIKE I EXASPERATED HIM AND SAID " ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS OR WHAT! I instantly asked for the cooperate number as he was getting it he was still running his mouth and refused to service me and said i can go down to the other store cause i come in SNAPPING ON HIM. Who tells a customer that. No sir you have it wrong customers dont snap! they have a compliant. which should of been handled a lot different. .He then wrote his name as if he was proud to give his name and the cooperate number. still rattling on how he is not going to wait on me and gave out least two other locations I could go to. He used sling words as if he was in the hood. I would never go back to that GETTOFIED STORE every again. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND WILL TELL EVERYBODY NOT TO COME HERE UNLESS YOU WANT BOYS IN THE HOOD

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