CheckSmart Customer Review

  • Used to be the best !

    V James
    Plainfield, IN

    I used Check Smart regularly for a long time, they made a LOT of money off of me!! But I was OK with it because I needed it at the time.
    Then my location started going through changes in management and personnel and things fell off. THEN one day a counter person pushed for me to let her write me one of their own checks for my loan and she wrote it on an old bank account from in my folder! Now they are trying to charge ME a $25 fee for her failure to pay attention, not to mention the lack of policy to redline or stamp out old accounts if not remove them from the client's account info!
    Saddens me because I would use them again right now if not for that.

    1 Service
    4 Cost
    5 Timing
    1 Use Again

CheckSmart Ratings

2.1 Service
2.4 cost
2.4 timing
2.2 use again