Compare Personal Loans

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If you're considering borrowing money from a financial institution, it's imperative that you compare personal loans of as many lenders as possible. There's a lot more to loan terms than interest rates on the capital you borrow. You'll also need to consider the purpose of the loan and the loan repayment terms.

Compare Personal Loans

Step One

When you start to compare personal loans, you first need to understand the various types of personal loans. Broadly speaking, there are two categories: unsecured and secured. An unsecured loan does not require collateral to the bank and, as such, always comes at a higher interest rate. Secured loans are available at lower interest rates, because the bank holds a piece of your property in trust until you pay back the principal and interest.

Step Two

Keep in mind that the term of the loan has a direct bearing on the interest rate. Shorter-term loans (loans that are paid back over a relatively brief period of time) have higher interest rates than long-term loans.

Step Three

Familiarize yourself with the concept of "annual percentage rate," abbreviated as APR. This is the amount of interest your loan accumulates for every $100 borrowed. For example, a 12.9 percent APR means you'll accrue $12.90 in interest each year for every $100 borrowed. Loan interest is usually compounded monthly, so you can find your monthly interest rate by dividing the APR by 12.

Step Four

Keep in mind that many lenders also build in loan fees, and all loans are subject to default penalties. Thus, you'll want to consider these in addition to the APR when you compare personal loans.

Step Five

Compare personal loans by sitting down to do the math. Factor in the fees with the interest rates, then calculate how much money you'll actually spend to repay the loan in its entirety. You may find that a lender offering a loan with lower fees and higher interest rates may be a better long-term bet than higher fees and lower rates.

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