Golden Title Loans

Golden Title Loans is a cash advance and short term payday loan store serving the area of Memphis and the surrounding districts. This company is also identified as 745-CASH. It currently has eleven stores strategically located to reach individuals who need quick loans. Since 1997, Golden Title Loans has attracted a lot of people looking for ways to augment their finances and to cope with spiraling bills and other unexpected expenses.

These stores serve to create a secure and comfortable atmosphere so that consumers will feel at ease as they take out their loans. It is in the best interest of the company to answer the questions of the client quickly and to address the concerns and reservations that clients may have regarding short term loans.

Golden Title Loans Ratings

3.2 Service
3.5 cost
3.5 timing
3.4 use again
Cash advance from Golden Title Loans offer different advantages that will help people organize their finances. One great advantage of Golden Title Loans over other short term loan stores is same day loan release. Clients are expected to walk in, fill up an application form, and walk out with the money that they need within minutes. With Golden Title Loans, you do not need to bring needless documents or fax unneeded papers for approval. Even people with bad credit can apply for a loan. However, the company uses a database that tracks applicants who still have unpaid cash advance loans so make sure you are cleared from those obligations before you apply.

Golden Title Loans continues to bring the best customer satisfaction to the table in order to ease and enhance the consumer experience. Sometimes, taking out a loan is stressful especially if the client needs the money urgently. Golden Title Loans not only provide solutions for financial stress, but it also makes sure that these solutions work as quickly as possible. The staff at Golden Title Loans is trained to be friendly and courteous. Most of all, people from Golden Title Loans care for their customers and they make sure that a healthy business relationship is maintained.

Loans from Golden Title Loans may be extended as long as the client can pay for the interest by the due date. However, it is important to understand that the value of short term loans is its quick and easy processing. If you continue to extend the loan, it may cause some financial distress since you are paying high interest rates just to extend the loan. It is recommended, like all money management experts will tell you, to pay the loan as soon as possible. Cash advance payday loan is not a long-term fix to your financial problems.

Taking out a loan with Golden Title Loans can be a good way to increase your credit score. If you are able to pay consistently and on time, the store can give you a generous recommendation which may increase your credit score.

With convenience, comes security. Golden Title Loans ensure that your personal information will not be given out to anyone. Privacy in business transactions, especially in loans is very important to ensure that business ethics are in place. Cash advance loans can range from as little as $50 to as much as $200. For the customer's convenience, the stores are open 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm). You must bring identification, proof of employment, and an completed form in order for the loan to get approved.

For more information on Golden Title Loans' services, also known as 745-CASH, you can visit the site at: or consumers can call them at 901 255-2274 or visit them in the Memphis office at 5968 Mount Moriah Rd. Memphis, TN.