LoanMart Customer Review

  • Great customer service, super convenient, same day cash!

    Billy Pham
    Las Vegas

    I'm hanging out in Vegas right now, but my car is titled in California, as is my insurance and Driver's license. I was looking to get a title loan in Needles, CA as that's a convenient Cali city to Vegas, but I couldn't find any. I searched and called many different online loan centers before coming across LoanMart. They had great customer service and approved me for the largest loan amount. I was approved just over 10k for my 2015 Prius which is only valued between 7-9k according to Kellybluebook. I started the loan process on a Saturday and was told I could have my money by Monday morning. I ended up getting the money the same day! Great communication and response time from my Loan Officer Leslie O'Green. I can't be happier about same day access to the money. I also saved a 4-hour round trip to Needles, CA that I thought I would have to make!

    5 Service
    N/A Cost
    5 Timing
    5 Use Again

LoanMart Ratings

4.6 Service
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