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Getting a payday cash advance is a simple process that can really help a person out of financial problems. A cash advance is a loan lent from a payday lending company for a short period of time, generally two weeks, or until the borrower's next payday. Many people need money fast for a variety of reasons. Cars break down, medical bills pile up and utility bills need to be paid. With a loan from Money Mart, you will get the money you need fast. Even with bad credit, you could still be able get the money you need.

It is very easy to qualify for a cash advance loan from Money Mart. The requirements are few, and most people already meet them. You must have a steady job or a steady source of income that can be proven, such as social security or disability. You must have a checking account that is in good standing, as well as a home phone number that is working. You must be 18 years of age or older, and have a valid ID. When you come into a local Money Mart, you will need to bring in a blank check and your most recent pay stub. You will also need a bank statement that is less than a month and a half old, and you're ID. When you have all this, you can apply for, and most likely be approved for, a cash advance loan with Money Mart.

Money Mart Ratings

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Depending on the amount of money that you make per month, you can be approved for a cash advance loan between $100 and $1500 until the next payday. If you apply in person, you will post-date a check for the amount that you have been approved for, plus all applicable fees. After all the paperwork is finished, you will then walk out with the money you need. It's that simple! When your payday comes, Money Mart will automatically debit your checking account for the amount of your post-dated check. You do not have to do anything; else-it's all done for you.

You can also apply online, from the comfort of your home or office. Simply go to to apply, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will find out if you are approved almost instantly after sending in your application and you will have the money you borrowed deposited directly into your checking account by the next day. Your privacy and confidentiality online are guaranteed by Money Mart, and your personal information is safe and secure.

Additional Services
Money Mart also offers many other additional services to their customers. Check cashing is one. Not everyone has a bank account, and almost all banks require one to cash any type of check. With Money Mart, you can cash every check, no matter who it is from. Personal, government, payroll and more- if Money Mart can't cash it, then no one can. They also cash money orders and traveler's checks-perfect for people who may be traveling. With the additional VIP card, customers can get lower rates on check cashing fees, special offers and faster service. These cards are available at all Money Mart locations.

Money Mart also offers the use of Western Union in their many locations. Western Union money transfers are a fast and secure way to either send money or to receive money from thousands of locations across the world. Not only can you send or receive money with Western Union, you also have the option of paying bills, such as your phone or electric bill. That way, even if you are about to be shut off, the money will be there within minutes. You can also get money orders up to $500.

Also available at Money Mart is the Momentum Visa Card, a prepaid debit card that you load yourself. You can then make purchases anywhere that takes Visa, either at retailers or online. You can also withdraw money out of more than 870,000 machines all around the world. It's safer than cash, and you can use your card to buy just about anything! When you use your card online, you can get many discounts and coupons for shopping for music, movies, tickets and more.

Money Mart owns and operates over 350 stores across the country, so it's easy to find one near you. Go to their website at to find one near you.