Money Mutual

You’ve seen him on TV - Yes, Montel Williams, the former day-time talk show host endorsing payday loans for Money Mutual. With advertised interest rates over 1300%, one must exhaust all other loan alternatives before considering one of their loans. Recently they were fined $2.1 million for illegally marketing online loans to New Yorkers. Don’t worry about them, their parent company SellingSource is owned by the private equity firm, London Bay Capital. In addition to the fine, they can no longer operate in New York along due to interest rate limits.

Money Mutual does not loan money directly or make loan decisions - It has built a network of 60+ dedicated lenders offering loans up to $1000 deposited into your checking account within one day or less. Proud members of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), lenders are required to stick to best industry best practices and guidelines to ensure your safety, confidentially, and security. This is why millions of customers have turned to Money Mutual for their short term borrowing needs. Ratings on their website are 4.7 out of 5 based on 3482 reviews collected from a customer survey.

Money Mutual Ratings

3.3 Service
2.0 cost
3.3 timing
2.0 use again

To contact Money Mutual, call (800) 741-3300, email, or visit

What does Money Mutual cost?

Since they are not a lender and fees vary from state to state, they are unable to provide actual terms, interest rates, terms, and any other loan charges. The industry on average, charges around $15 per $100 borrowed for a two week loan, translating to an APR of 391%.