National Cash Advance Customer Review

  • dont get scammed


    This company called me told me I always approved and would have to pay $200 on green dot card to verify my ability to make payments. I got that to them, they then told me I would have to put another $200 on another card and the loan would be in my bank account within the hour. Its now a month later and the only company to ever call me back, said they were the general manager at this company and told me I would have to provide yet another $200 green dot card when I refused because I found it suspicious he then told me I would then have to send a $4000 check w the pay to spot left blank and id have my loan immediately, being that my loan amount was $1000 I refused to do that as well, though i told him i had sent it. As soon as i told him i had sent it he said itd be in my account that evening, i then missed a call from him and the message was him calling me every obscenity in the book and told me i had been scammed.

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