National Payday Customer Review

  • SCAM

    February 2017

    I got directed to this site from another loan site. Approved for $200 and signed a contract. Yesterday when the money was supposed to be in my account, it wasn't. Called the number on their site and the message said the number I had called was just for approvals and that I needed to call the main number on their site, which of course, there's not another number listed anywhere else. I was going to go ahead and speak to someone at that number since I had already called, and whatever menu option I chose, I was taken to a voicemail account that hadn't been set up. Started thinking this was probably some kind of scam and found this review page. They haven't called me or asked me to send anything to them, but now I'm worried they're going to try to take money out of my account on my "due date". Has anyone else had a problem with them debiting your account or trying to collect on the loan that they never paid in the first place? Do I need to close my bank account?

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