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  • Scam & Fraud


    Sent a pre-approval letter in the mail for $1,000. Only needed $500. After a runaround only approved for $200. I needed it on specific day, got a call that morning stating that I had to resign the contract and they'd fund it that day. $200 better then nothing...signed it. Got a text stating approved, your funds will be deposited the next business day. Called right away, funny how I always seemed to get the same girl taking my call but all representatives were always busy and they would call me back. I told him if I couldn't get it that day it wouldn't help. I also replied that to the text. (On a Friday). I always talked to the same guy with bad English. I said that doesn't help me, I told you if I couldn't get it that afternoon it did me no good. He said he'd call me back and never did. I texted a message saying I was very unhappy. On Saturday, a day the were closed he replied to my text. His text had bad grammar and misspelled words, but basically saying he would call me shortly. When he did I immediately asked to speak to his supervisor. I also asked repetitively where they were located out of & he said Wisconsin. I ask it if he was physically in WI and I was immediately put back on hold with no reply, so after a few minutes I hung up. Monday has now came and went, when I saw no funding I texted and said, still no funds. His stupid reply was your bank has till the end of the day to deposit them. Wrong, if they're at the bank they don't hold them and leisurely deposit them. Verifying that with my bank, the confirmed I had nothing pending and they'd never heard anything like that.
    BEWARE!!! They ended up costing me over $150 in overdraft fees as I was approved and promised money that never came. I am reporting them to BBB and local authorities.

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