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  • fraud ??????????????


    I have been contacted by some one saying that I had taken a loan out on 12-28-2008, with National Payday loan. That I needed to call them anyway the next call came saying that I was being sued by them. I called them back and was told that I was wasting his time and that I would be arrested tomorrow not tonight that I was lucky. Anyway I told them that I have not received any funds from that company on either of those dates. I even have my bank statements showing no money received from that company. So here I am now getting ready to contact the sheriffs dept and see what they have to say. The calss come in restricted but he left a phone number for me to call him. The men that I have spoke to are have a foreign accent . One has a real heavy oriental accent.

    have been contacted by someone saying that I had taken out a loan on Dec. 28 2008

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