Payday One

Are you in big financial trouble right now or do you know if you salary can fit your salary with your needs? Payday One could serve as your primary solution for financial troubles.

Since its establishment in 2002, Payday One has been considered as one of the best providers of Payday loans online. The company essentially guarantees the following: customer-friendly brand of service, guaranteed prices, and a fast and convenient process to suit everyone's needs. Payday One is one of the subsidiaries of ThinkCash, Inc.

Payday One: Excellence in Money Services
Aimed at continuous development, the company does not resort to being satisfied with the status quo. The company consistently seeks for improvement considering new bright ideas that could help the company in rendering a better brand of service among its growing number of clients. The collective effort of anyone from the Payday One is indeed a crucial factor that gave way to the company's invaluable success. The company leadership trains their employees to meet the different needs of people. Additionally, the working conditions are conducive enough for them to give the best service that they can. This translates to friendly customer service representatives that help the company stay longer in the business.

Payday One Ratings

3.2 Service
2.8 cost
3.3 timing
2.6 use again
Payday Loans Requirements
If you feel hopeless in looking for money for your emergency needs, Payday One is more than eager to help you out! The quick cash system allows individuals and families to get the money that they need in the fastest time possible. You can say that Payday One's standard of service is bringing what the customers need, when they need it.

To qualify for the loan programs of the company, you need to have a job or a defined source of income to guarantee your capability to pay your loan. In addition, the company also requires the following: verifiable phone number, e-mail address, checking account that is in good standing, and must be of legal age (at least 18 years old).

If you are in dire need of a considerable sum of money, Payday One offers a range of amounts which you can file a loan on. The company offers a range of $100 to $1000 depending on the laws in your state. There are different laws governing each state with regards to the amount of money that you can loan.

The Advantage of Payday One
In case you need the amount urgently, there is no need to worry, really. One thing that keeps the company successful is that it offers a fast and convenient process that anyone would prefer to experience. The verification process of the loan application is usually verified at 5:00 PM CT. Once the application has been approved, the amount you are borrowing will be sent electronically (AXH) to the bank account that you specified in your application. The bank amount shall be transferred on that day (Monday through Friday except holidays). Then, expect the loaned amount the following day to reflect in your bank account, or better yet, contact the ACH department of your bank to check if the amount has already been transferred.

Now, if you are worried on the payment terms of the loan amount, you may check the different options on how you can pay the loan successfully. The company actually designed options that would be suitable for almost everyone. For regular payments, your convenience is considered since you might be too busy at work. The company has a feature in which your payments will be automatically debited from your checking bank account or may opt to have some other payment arrangements. In case you were not able to settle the payment on the specified due date, you are free to contact the company's customer support. The customer support team will be glad to assist you. There are cases when the customer support offers a repayment plan giving you much flexibility for you to settle your dues.

The next time, you are in a tight budget, you may opt to file for a loan. Therefore, if you have emergency financial needs, Payday One is just a click or phone call away! Their hotline is 888-PAYDAY1 (888-7293291) or you can go straight to their website at You may forward your questions to the e-mail form found in their contact page.

Payday One has been proven to be an efficient and effective means to get rid of your financial worries. However, you should also take into consideration your responsibility after filing your loan With Payday One. You are getting the best services on Payday loans, so you might as well, remind yourself of paying your dues in your most preferred arrangement. For years, the company has proven its name in the field. It is guaranteed that you will not encounter anything disappointing with how they handle their business.