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  • The employee does not do their job correctly


    The employee does not do their job correctly, and wasting customer's time.
    We were trying to get a loan, and we were approved with good rate. We received an email from Prosper to submit the required documents, and we submitted everything they asked for within the next day. After three days, we received a phone call before noon from an associate, but I couldn't answer the phone because I was working that is why my husband answered the phone. He told her that I couldn't speak at this moment, and she can call back after four o'clock. The associate gave him the extension, 5600, for which we would use to call back. We keep calling this extension, but no one answers. The customer service transferred us to this extension, but still no one answered. We keep telling them to call at the time that we are available, and we keep talking to customer service and they leave a message for their supervisor to call us after four o'clock Texas time. Today the customer service told us the their supervisor will call us back in a minute, but we have been waiting and nothing happened. But they just keep calling us at work and we can't answer the call. Today they sent us a note saying that the loan has been cancelled because we have not contacted them, even though we try everyday calling but no one answered. They are wasting our time, and we have sent them very sensitive information about us.

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