Rapid Cash Customer Review

  • Worst place ever

    Last week

    Rapid cash is the worst place ever to cash a payroll check. I spent 1.5 hours there....on my lunch...they have clearly new girl at window saying she needed to speak directly to my boss. Rapid Cash's outgoing landline kept saying my work business line was 'disconnected.' Hmmm. Funny, cuz I am a teacher and clearly school is open. Finally after all hour of waiting and am getting ticked off at my wait, they use one of the tellers cell phone to call my boss. Sweet. Yes. But wait, just as I thought I was finally gonna cash my damn check....they need to verify my boss actually works there and needs to verify from higher up. For f sake. Never again will I go to a rapid Cash. They make you feel like a criminal trying to pass a bad check, and want all your personal info from your boss at work . 0 stars for this joke of a money hungry place.

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