Sonic Payday

One of the single most cautious payday loan companies out there is Sonic Payday. While many companies are willing to give out money to just about anyone who walks through their doors, Sonic Payday is interested only in providing money to those people with the correct qualifications. As a business, they have been dedicated to this strategy since their inception, and it is something that has helped to grow their model and protect their current customers. They stay afloat and stable within the market based upon the fact that they rarely give money to people who will struggle to repay it.

What are some of the things that set this company apart from all the competition in this financial world? Customers should first focus on the excellent customer service that they are going to receive. Since the companys founding, they have been dedicated to doing it the right way. Unlike a lot of companies that do the majority of their business on the Internet, Sonic Payday has a huge staff full of customer service representatives that are in place to do nothing but help customers with their problems. This type of openness and willingness to help out the common consumer has helped to build trust in the Sonic Payday out on the streets.

Sonic Payday Ratings

2.8 Service
3.3 cost
2.6 timing
2.4 use again
If you are a customer who is looking for some help or you have a few questions, then you can get in touch with Sonic Payday a couple of different ways. You can either call them at 1-866-86-SONIC, or you can reach their customer service department by email at They will have someone ready and willing to answer your questions quickly.

There is a fundamental difference between Sonic Payday and some of the other companies that customers might have dealt with in the past. That is, those companies probably tried to expand their influence a little bit in the financial world. They might have gotten into check cashing, debit card service, or some other type of financial operation. When customers come to Sonic Payday, they can expect only one thing. This is a company that offers payday advance loans. For some customers, this can be a big turnoff because they will have to go to multiple websites or places in order to get the services that they need. There is another way to look at it, though. Because Sonic Payday focuses only on providing payday advance loans, they are really good at it. They have the time to come up with the appropriate measures to make sure that each and every one of their customers has the best service imaginable.

As a customer, you might be wondering what their payday loan process is like. You can expect that you will have to jump through some hoops to get a loan from Sonic Payday. Unlike other companies that will hand out money to anyone that walks through their door or logs on to their website, Sonic Payday wants to make sure that their customers know the risk they are taking. They want to make sure that first and foremost, a customer is not using their payday loan as a long-term financial solution. They understand that the purpose of payday loans is to provide a stopgap solution for customers between their pay periods. When customers start doing something differently and taking advantage of the situation, financial problems can ensue.

When a customer goes to the Sonic Payday website to take out a payday advance loan, they will need to have a lot of information. The first and most important document that a customer will have to fax in is some proof of employment. Sonic Payday wants to know that their customers have a job and the kind of salary that will allow them to pay back the loan when the time comes. To make sure of this, customers are asked to present a bank statement showing how much money they get from their employer. Customers also have to have the simple identification and information that all payday loan companies require, including social security and drivers license.

All in all, this company is one that likes their precautions. At Sonic Payday, they take the loan process very seriously, and they are not into letting just anyone get a loan. Still, customers can go to their website, and if they qualify for a loan, they can count on having their money quickly. The fact that they can do so much business online is a good thing for customers whose chief concern is convenience.