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  • this place low balls customers and you might get shot bc no security

    phx az
    x -employee

    this place low balls customers and they think anything new is stolen and give everyone a hard time about taking it. They drop ppl stuff all the time half of the employees are punks they drop shit in the back and loss stuff all the time. the managers that work at super pawn think they are above everyone when they barley graduated high school and are slobs and act un-professional towards staff and customers . they don't appreciate a good employee. they give you a 13cent raise bc supposedly the store made less money. they rather higher some punk to work for 8:50 an hour that will steal and quite with in a month then give a employee a good raise. also they don't have security during the busy holydays and in bad areas. in a month 4 stores got robbed at gun point(look up on youtube ..but they do nothing risk your life for a 13cent raise what a joke. so don't work at any shop in reno or phx ...and don't pawn better pawn shops out there that will take care of customers....

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