United Cash Loans Customer Review

  • Do Not Use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    menifee, ca.

    Be advised that the MINUTE you take a loan from this company you must go to they're website and submit the paperwork to pay it off on your paydate chosen. If not, they continue to renew your contract and take out the interest only...over and over again. Its double talk in the terms and conditions. Be sure to email them with this request as well and ask for a email confirmation back. This is the only way to stop them. I am closing my checking after this to make sure there are no more debits. They conveniently, show different dates in they're computer and call them errors on your part. Money is always taken out a day prior to the agreed date. I am reporting them to the State of California, as well. Enough complaints and they won't be able to do business in my State. Be advised, they are a sovereign nation because they are Indian. What...no casino? Stay away from this site!!!!!!!!!!!

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