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    Only problem with them so far...I had to change my bank accounts due to fraud, so I contacted them. I filled out the form and faxed it over with a voided check. They never took the payment out, so I called customer service. They told me the payment was returned bc of a bad account number. I told the lady on the phone that I faxed over all of the paperwork with a voided check. She found it, and told me they put down an incorrect number. She told me to do my payment w/ my debit card and waived the return fee. @ weeks later my next payment never came out, so I called again. They told me my account was now in the collections area! Uh, what? I spoke to the person in collections. She said my payment came back as an incorrect account number!!! So I told her that was what happened 2 weeks ago and the customer service rep was supposed to fix it. Again, they waived the return fee (THANK GOD!) and processed my payment. Well, hopefully, it is fixed bc my next payment comes out on Friday!

    4 Service
    3 Cost
    5 Timing
    5 Use Again

United Cash Loans Ratings

1.8 Service
1.7 cost
2.6 timing
1.9 use again