We Give Loans

We Give Loans is one of the leading Internet loan marketplaces, which allows people who live in both the U.S. and Canada to get the right loan for their specific needs. The services that We Give Loans offers are loans for autos, home, payday, and personal, as well as credit card and various credit services. All the transactions are safe and secure, and they are a company that is easy to contact. The loan approval is simple, and many times, consumers can get the funds the next day.

We Give Loans is specifically set up because there are different types of loans for different needs. Every person that takes out a loan has different needs. The best way for consumers to obtain a loan is to let them know what loans are available, so they can pick the right one. We Give Loans is a company that both tests and compares the available loan offers from over 300 lenders. By using We Give Loans, consumers can avoid spending hours on the Internet on many sites to find the exact loan they are looking for.

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We Give Loans is very serious about the security of their customers. They have a security policy that shows the measures that the company goes through to be sure that information given is only seen by people that are authorized. They strive to make their customers feel comfortable that any third parties will not see the information they give. We Give Loans has stringent security and privacy policies, which outline data security, collection, and information sharing. The company has a zero tolerance policy for the abuse of e-mails; they encrypt the sensitive data of their customers, and only store it on a temporary basis. They do not sell, trade, rent, or share the information with anybody. All the data collected by the website We Give Loans, at http://www.wegiveloans.com/, such as birthday and financial information is served to the customer's browser through HTTPS, secure server communications. Consumers can verify this fact by searching for the key, for Netscape, or lock, for Internet Explorer, icon on their browser. If the consumer has turned on their security feature, there will be a popup box that will indicate they have entered a secure page.

Home Loans
We Give Loans allows people to compare various home loan offers. They can view programs for purchase, refinancing, home equity, 2nd mortgage, and a home equity line of credit needs. People with bad credit need not worry, as We Gives Loans caters to people with all types of credit, not only people with good credit.

Payday Loans
We Give Loans offers the chance to view various types of payday loans. Many times, people are allowed 10 pay periods to pay back the loan. People can receive up to $1,500 in only a few minutes.

Personal Loans
We Give Loans offers personal loans in the amounts of $1,500 to $35,000. There are instant results available over the Internet, and customers can receive their loans the very next day. There are personal loans available for renters and homeowners with better than fair credit.

Auto Loans
We Give Loans has auto loan approvals for up to $100,000. There are various programs for new, used, bought, refinanced, and dealer, as well as transactions with private parties. People with bad credit can apply for an auto loan through We Give Loans. Consumers can receive their auto loan in as little as one day's time. There are also motorcycle loans available.

Credit Cards
Instant credit approvals are available through We Give Loans with limits up to $100,000. The credit cards that can be approved are Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. They can be student cards, business cards, unsecured and secured cards, and prepaid cards. Even consumers with bad credit or little credit can apply.

Credit Services
We Give Loans does not just offer loans and credit cards, but also various credit services. Through We Give Loans, people can find companies that give debt help, debt consolidation, debt management, credit counseling, and services for credit monitoring. They can also give people information on how they can get a free credit report with a credit score.

We Give Loans Contact Information
We Give Loans can be contacted via e-mail, mail, and telephone. To get in contact with We Give Loans by e-mail, people can go to http://www.wegiveloans.com/about/contact.php, which is a contact form on their main website. They can be contacted by phone at 1-800-985-5110, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM 7 PM EST. The address for We Give Loans is:

We Give Loans, Inc.
40 E. Main Street
Newark, DE 19711