What is a Payday Loan?

If you have ever faced a situation where you have a sudden financial need or are unexpectedly short on cash, then you have been in a situation when a payday loan could have helped. A payday loan is a fast cash loan, usually between $100 and $1000, that people can use when they have a short-term financial deficit. Online fast payday loans allow you to receive approval in minutes and have the cash electronically deposited into your bank account within one business day. We allow you to take care of your short-term cash needs in the comfort of your own home with your personal computer.

Many loans require a credit check, which can be difficult for some people. Online payday loans usually do not require a check of your credit history. If you have ever been denied a loan, SameDayPayday.com will still offer you a fast loan because we have a bad credit payday loan service. If you have a credit difficulty, a fast cash payday loan could be an easy way to take care of short-term financial needs to get you through your difficult time. Our How It Works page will give you details on the application process.

Of course, any time you are working with your finances, you are going to be concerned with security, and SameDayPayday.com shares your concerns. We encrypt all the transactions that we handle for fast payday loans, so your financial and personal information is always safe. You will be given a member account that is a secure place to manage the details of your payday loans. You can also use your account to update your profile or view your borrowing history. Our customers are important to us, so we strive to take care of your entire fast payday loan needs in a safe, secure environment.

We know that no matter what your situation, you could face a financial bind at some point in your life. People across the country go to the Internet to search for short-term money solutions and payday loans each month to meet the needs they face in their day-to-day lives. Our Case Studies show how satisfied our customers are. There are several reasons that someone might need a payday loan, including:

- Dealing with monthly bills
- Unexpected expenses with a vehicle
- Unexpected medical bill
- Need to pay creditors
- Money for vacation or entertainment

An online payday loan can be an affordable solution when you have a short-term cash crunch and if you use it properly. Many people find that payday loans are more affordable than not paying a bill on time and owing late fees, or bouncing a check and receiving overdraft fees on your checking account. This list shows a comparison of the annual percentage rates of payday loans when compared with other alternatives when you face a cash crunch. These are expressed as APRs for 14-day periods. Interest and fee examples in the article are for illustrative purposes only.

$100 payday advance with $20 fee = 521% APR
$100 credit card balance with $30 late fee = 800% APR
$100 bounced check with $50 bank/merchant fees = 1,304% APR
$100 utility bill with $60 late/reconnect fees = 1,564% APR

Payday loans can be a fast, convenient product for dealing with short-term financial binds and helping you meet the challenges life throws your way. When you need cash now, there is no better solution than SameDayPayday.com. When you face unexpected bills, household bills, car repairs, or special occasions, visit SameDayPayday.com to find everything you need.